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Be a part of the development of KMHM! Please support the museum during this time to help us with our fundraising efforts! Proceeds go toward the everyday operations of the museum.


Kings Mountain Historical Museum is located in the heart of the historic City of Kings Mountain, North Carolina.  We collect, preserve, and interpret original historical resources that help foster a deeper understanding of the unique history and cultural identity of Kings Mountain and the surrounding area.  Last year, over 2,000 local and out-of-town visitors benefited from the educational exhibits, programs, and services offered by the Museum at no cost to the public. As our visitation and museum collections continue to steadily increase, so do our funding needs. We would love for you to be a part of it!


Every September, Kings Mountain Historical Museum hosts a fundraiser to generate revenue necessary to support our programming. The Annual Reverse Raffle and Auctions has been acclaimed the “best event of the year in Kings Mountain” and this 19th annual fundraiser will be held in-person at the Joy Performance Center. We hope you will join us for this event, held on September 17, 2022. We anticipate a sold-out event with 300 tickets bought by individuals throughout the region, and we offer a Grand Prize of $10,000.


We only sell 300 tickets, so you have a 1 in 300 chance to win!!! 

Unique auction items and great raffle prizes!

Tickets can be purchased at the museum or from board members after June 1st, Tuesday-Friday from 10AM-4PM, or you can call the museum at 704-739-1019 and purchase right over the phone.

Each ticket is $125 (Entry for 2 People). It also includes a 1 in 300 chance of winning the $10,000 Raffle Prize, along with other raffle items!

The Kings Mountain Historical Museum would like to congratulate all of our 18th Annual Reverse Raffle Drawing winners! We drew the first ticket, then every 10th ticket won a door prize, until after the 140th ticket was drawn. At that point, we drew 5 tickets and then started giving a prize to every ticket left until the end.

1st Ticket: Laura & Warren Bingham-Ticket #230

10th Ticket: Mary Dilling-Ticket #169

20th Ticket: Steve Hodgins-Ticket #144

30th Ticket: Blair Daves-Ticket #34

40th Ticket: Debra Withers-Ticket #157

50th Ticket: Estelle Grabert-Ticket #35

60th Ticket: Heather Kubu-Ticket #194

70th Ticket: Sarah Mayse-Ticket #136

80th Ticket: Dianne Pasco-Ticket #85

90th Ticket: Amy Pearson-Ticket #192

100th Ticket: Twyla Robinson-Ticket #64

110th Ticket: Melissa Lawrence-Ticket #147

120th Ticket: Aimme Coleman-Ticket #50

130th Ticket: Gene Bess-Ticket #234

140th Ticket: Paul Hendricks III-Ticket #58


145: Lyn & Jeanette Cheshire-Ticket #166

146: Laura McIntyre-Ticket #135

147: Jean Harris-Ticket #207

148: Alli & Steve Buhler-Ticket #65

149: Ken Nantz-Ticket #67

150: Galaxy Lineberger-Ticket #93

151: Lee Melvin-Ticket #48

152: Jeff Mauney-Ticket #140

153: Shearra Miller-Ticket #105

154: Teresa Lovelace-Ticket #75

155: Rita Ferguson-Ticket #196

156: Joy & John Pandorf-Ticket #30


Tom Hartman-Ticket #133

Thank you all for your ticket purchases, sponsorships, in-kind donations and support for the Kings Mountain Historical Museum!!! 






Dr. Jerry & Lynn Eskridge

Westmoreland Printers, Inc.

Harris Funeral Home

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Warlick and Hamrick Insurance Agency
(Evelyn & Larry Hamrick, Sr. and Florrie & Larry Hamrick, Jr.)

Dr. Paul & Mary Ann Hendricks

Kings Mountain International

Darrell L. Keller, CPA, PA


aRTS & Culture 

Southern Arts Society, Inc. (SASI)

Dale Guffey (Artist)

Charlotte Museum of History

Lane Pottery & Designs-Ed Lane

Gary Mitchell

Coonsmith Sutlery-Morgan Smith

The Schiele Museum of Natural History

Dellinger's Jewel Shop, Inc.

Cleveland County Arts Council

Lockman Pottery

Mark Ewing

Valerie Ann Volvo

Cary Poole

A Griffin Pottery-Susan Jones

Taylor Short

I'd Rather Knot

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