Previous Exhibits 

Kings Mountain Historical Museum

From Over Here to Over There: World War I in the Southwest Piedmont
February 10 – May 12, 2018
Featuring a traveling exhibit from Gaston County Museum, discover how Cleveland and Gaston Counties did their bit when the United States joined the Great War in  1916. Visitors will be able to visualize the greater timeline of the war, see where this region fit in the wider conflict, and discover some of the specific regiments and combat local men engaged in.


Great Gatsby: Cleveland County in the Roaring Twenties
June 17 – October 21, 2017

In the 1920s, Cleveland County experienced an economic boom and bust, the heyday of the textile mills, the birth of the political engine known as the Shelby Dynasty, and improved education, healthcare, technology, and transportation systems.  This area also saw violent disputes over labor rights and the racial inequality of the Jim Crow system in that decade. Visitors were be able to see the dramatic social, economic, and political changes reflected in the clothing, the music, the dances, the slang, and the products of the era.​


​First Peoples: Catawba & Cherokee Nations
Feb. 11 – May 20, 2017

This original exhibit featured archaeological and historical collections on loan from the Schiele Museum of Natural History, the Inn of the Patriots, and several private collectors.  The display included stone and bone tools, ceramics, basketry, weaponry, and other artifacts that provide insight into how Native Americans utilized natural resources to meet their needs for millennia prior to European contact, and how the clash of the Old World with the New forever changed local Native American cultures.


Toys, Games & TRAINS
Annually mid-Nov. through Dec.
This annually recurring exhibit fills the Museum with model train displays assembled by local “S” Gaugers, as well as railroad memorabilia, and antique toys and games. Visitors of all ages will be enchanted as they explore the miniature snow-covered scenes that line the tracks, and discover the interactive features such as a carousel, hot air balloons, a cow on the tracks, and mailbag pickup. Parents and grandparents will enjoy reminiscing with the children about the toys and games of their childhood, such as cowboy memorabilia, doll houses, marbles, and board games. Bring your cameras – this exhibit provides great opportunities for holiday family photos.


Turning Point: The Battle of Kings Mountain
June 18 – October 15, 2016

Visitors were invited to inspire their patriotic pride as they learned about the victory that marked the turning point of the American Revolution.  Original artifacts drew viewers into the triumphs and tragedies of the lives surrounding the Battle of Kings Mountain, a conflict that brutally pit brother against brother in the Carolina Piedmont frontier in 1780.  Displays relating to annual celebrations of the Battle of Kings Mountain reflected the spirit of their time and an enduring commitment to commemorate those who bravely changed the course of American history.  


​School Spirit

February 6 – May 21, 2016

This exhibit celebrated the history of education in Kings Mountain and Cleveland County.  “School Spirit” explored the progress of local schooling from the days of the one room schoolhouse to today’s modern classrooms.  Attendees revisited the trials and triumphs of their school days with a nostalgic tour of the classwork, extracurriculars, and related activities that shaped the citizens of this area.


Pig Pickin’ & Finger Lickin’: Kings Mountain’s Food History
June 20 - October 17, 2015

Historical shifts in our relationship with food can reveal a great deal about our culture.  This exhibit explored the local farms, restaurants, and grocery stores that fed the people of this region through the generations, and looked at how food production, storage, preparation, and consumption have evolved since the first Europeans settled in this area.​  


Pioneering Women of Cleveland County
Feb. 7  – May 23

The Pioneering Women of Cleveland County exhibit celebrated women’s history in Cleveland County and the surrounding region.  The exhibit focused a spotlight on our “founding mothers” – the women who helped establish and maintain our area’s infrastructure, industries, hospitals, schools, churches, and civic organizations.  The display also showcased local women who were groundbreakers and leaders in their professions, and reflected on how our unique local history fits into the broader narrative of women’s history throughout the nation.


“Say Ahh!” The Incredible Medical History of Kings Mountain

June 14 – October 25, 2014

From doctors and dentists, to pharmacies and folk remedies, this exhibit presented an historical overview of all things related to health and well-being in Kings Mountain and the surrounding region.  The display celebrated the medical pioneers of this area, and highlighted the evolution of science and technology in medicine over the past three centuries.  Military and Red Cross medical history, as well as iconic Kings Mountain providers like Griffin Drug Center, Kings Mountain Hospital, and Baker Dental Care were represented.  The “Say Ahh!” exhibit was proudly sponsored by Cleveland County HealthCare System and Ragan & Reba Harper.


Common Threads: Kings Mountain’s Textile Heritage from Prehistory to Today

Feb. 1 – May 24, 2014

This exhibit celebrated the rich textile history of Kings Mountain and the surrounding area, following a timeline from the Native American textiles of prehistory, to the textile mills of the 19th and 20th centuries that were instrumental in the development of this region, to the contemporary local textile manufacturers who continue to thrive in the industry through innovations in textile technology and environmentally sustainable practices. Hands-on activities helped children and adults better understand textile technologies and their importance to society – a common thread in Kings Mountain’s culture from prehistory to today. Common Threads was proudly sponsored by J.E. Herndon Company, Neisler Brothers, Inc., Patrick Yarn Mills, Inc., and Specialty Textiles, Inc.